Sunday, June 24, 2012

Things going on....

Not much going on, but a few things are going on.

I have some more responsibilities at work now. I'm not in charge by a long shot, but I'm kept "in the loop" for this new equipment we're getting and have some say so about how things ought to be. So that's good.

My wife (as stated below) has a side business with taking furniture and repainting it. "Repurposing" she calls it. I thought that was when you made a bed frame out of old lamps and things, but who am I to disagree with her?

My boys are growing up so fast. They're going to be TEN this December. Just reminds me that I am getting old.

When something is worth commenting on in the news, and doesn't want to make my head explode, I'll post. I always mean to, but I never write things down so I come here and post them.

So, I'll post later. Time to check out for the night.

Wife's blog

My wife has started repurposing furniture. She's started a blog here on blogger, and when she posts, if you or your significant other are interested in that, I'll link to it.