Monday, September 17, 2007

Freaks and Geeks

No, this isn't about that old TV show. It's just something I was pondering this past weekend when my wife was watching her (un)reality TV.

I've noticed it all along, but especially now since I have gotten stronger in my walk with Christ. That is, how many of these shows today are not about being the real you, but what the world wants you to be. To be "of this world" instead of "in this world". Why not be yourself? Who cares what Hollywood thinks? I don't. I don't like seeing who is "wearing" whom on awards shows. As they say in Spanish, "no le hace". I do we net doesn't matter.

A guy who has another blog asked a question, "What if you dressed tacky and no one noticed?" Well, here's what would happen. If it were a designer, then it would be newest fad. In fact, that's happening.

However, I have bigger questions: Do we need Armani and Gucci and all of these other designers to dictate our happiness? Do we need the money and cars and beauty and what we can possess? Or do we need to dig down in our own lives and see what we really need to be happy?

Where is your happiness? What truly makes you happy? Keeping up with the Jones? Or is it the calmness and serenity of having Christ in your heart, as it is with me? The knowing that, once you "shuffle off this mortal coil" as Shakespeare said, you will have happiness and bliss for eternity? If you're not a believer, I challenge you to ask some of the hard questions. If you are, do what I need to do...start showing the grace of God in your life. Start now. Let people know, through compassion and love, that you care for them. And that it comes from being a follower of Christ.

Remember that Christ is protecting us. Remember John 17:15-17.

Be In this world, not of it.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


So, at my job, my boss was a complete idiot. We never got even the simplest things for the office or for anything else for that matter. He always had to try to micro-manage and wouldn't let anyone in management (including myself, when I was in management) to do anything without his say-so. And he always said "No". Things would break down, there would be in-fighting, and people would call off of work, and it would be his fault. Of course, once he was called, he would swoop down and "fix" everything that HE messed up. Just so he could tell the owner "see what I did".

Basically, he was running this company into the ground. He had been boss for 18 months, and was the worst boss I ever had. And that is saying something. Anyway, no one liked him or respected him, and there was a black cloud over the workplace. He was a chancre on the buttocks of life.

We were audited by a government organization and in the midst of it, our PR person notified us that the boss had a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him, and that it was "a strong case". So, after all of this, he was FINALLY fired. The owner told us that, even though we had no office supplies or any other supplies, that this man was given money every week for incidentals.

I smell embezzlement.

So, I found out he was fired last Friday, my birthday. I look forward to going to work now.

I got some cool stuff for my b-day besides that. So, I'm going out of Labor Day weekend not too depressed. Although it was raining and I have no place to bird hunt. Cest la vie.