Monday, March 26, 2012

...But a good cigar is a candle???

(This is totally my opinion. I have not been paid or compensated by Valor Candles in any way.)

I'm a cigar guy. I have been a cigar guy for over 20 years. Being such, when I found out that Valor Candles came into existence, and was making scented candles for men (seemingly a paradox if there ever was one), especially a cigar scented one, I was excited, but somewhat skeptical.

That skepticism didn't keep me from buying their cigar-scented candle, aptly called "Humidor" (shown above). What I was expecting and what this candle actually is are two totally different (but not necessarily bad) things.

What was I expecting? Well, I was expecting to get drawn into the world of Drew Estates, La Flor Dominicas, Dunhill, CAO, Arturo Fuente, Don Pepin Garcia, and the like, all different unique tobacco blends melding together in their Spanish cedar-lined boxes calling to be smoked, while indulging in one's favorite beverage (adult of otherwise) and letting the cares of the day or week dissipate like the smoke of a good cigar.

What did I get? Well, instead of the above (which could be, for some, overwhelming to the olfactory nerves and cause sensory overload), I got a very pleasant candle of cedar with just enough tobacco aroma to cut the sweetness. It is a great blend. No over-"floweriness" (or sweetness) of the plain cedar (which Johnny, the owner, sent me for comparison), so it won't smell like your grandma's house, but no overpowering tobacco smell, either. In my honest opinion, Johnny and the folks at Valor did a great job with this scent.

In fact, one of my twins likes to take huge whiffs of it while it's lit, and has declared it manly enough for a 9 year old boy.

In my opinion, Valor candles has, in fact, made an aptly named candle that men shouldn't be ashamed to light while enjoying a good cigar, or to make their offices or man-caves smell better.

There are even more out there waiting to be discovered, like "Fairway" (fresh-mown grass), "Parlor" ( old-fashioned barber shop), and "Leather" (which is self-explanitory), and many more to come.