Friday, October 17, 2008

Common sense

I ran into a friend of mine, who is a staunch Democrat. I handed out my "McCain/Palin" for him, and said, "I got you a present." He said, "Hey, I'm actually voting for them!" Quite taken aback, I said, "really?" and he said, "Yeah, I'm a Democrat, not an idiot. Hey, that could be a bumper sticker!!"

After everything that's come out about Obama, and now confirming my suspicions that he is a socialist with that "spreading the wealth" that he spewed, I don't see how he's still leading in the polls. And I don't see how people aren't afraid.

Anyway, I saw that John Stossel report on politics tonight. For me, who didn't sleep through any of my political science classes, it was like, "DUH". It's all common sense. Too bad more people don't see it that way, and it's sad that that program had to be aired.

Now, if government will just get out of our way and balance the budget (and stop wasting our money)and protect us from all enemies, foreign and domestic (like the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and certain members of Congress), and let free enterprise with moral responsiblity, common sense, and true justice prevail, we'll be fine.

Maybe all we need is one common sense judge, one honest accountant, and one battlefield experienced military officer to lead the country.