Sunday, July 08, 2007

Earth Day

I am the son of a farmer. I am an outdoorsman, meaning I like to fish and hunt, camp and hike.

For farmers and outdoorsmen, EVERY day is Earth Day. Remember that.

This Live Earth crud, it's meaningless. What good is awareness if you don't actually do anything. Like any other of these concerts, it's an ego trip. Something to say, "Look, I care. I sang a song and said don't trash the Earth. I am a good person." Then they drive off in their SUVs or fly in their private planes and think they actually made a difference. All because they said they care.


I at least respect Ed Begley, Jr. for practicing what he preaches, even if he is a nut.

Remember all the Brouhaha over the Bush twins' partying and getting drunk? How Bush was such a bad father, etc., etc? Where is that over L'il Algore's drug use? All we get is sympathy for him. Can you say "double standard"?

I never commented on paris Hilton because I don't give two dead flies about her.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Happy Independence Day. Not just another holiday. God Bless America. We are still the greatest country in the world, like it or not. We have our flags you?

I just saw the first part of the Boston Pops fireworks thing on an alphabet network. The host was (Scotsman) Craig Ferguson. A Brit-type person hosting a commemoration of an event where (most of) our ancestors kicked his ancestors' arses.....